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Polyfonisk mjukvarusynt med super-oscillator, över 900 presets och inteface med stöd för Retina- och 4K-skärmar

Strobe2 is a software polysynth which puts diverse new sounds effortlessly within your reach. It builds on the original's realistic analogue modelling and deep but intuitive synthesis with a slew of enhancements and requested features. Highlights include a stunning effects section, revamped arpeggiator, deeper modulation processing, preset-morphing, randomizing and a scalable vector interface for retina and 4K displays. Of course, Strobe2 retains the cult-classic original's signature character - a 'super-oscillator' with stacking, detuning and sync, a warm saturating VCA, the acclaimed TransMod modulation system and a powerful multimode filter with 22 responses for massive tonal variety. Strobe2 comes with over 900 presets to get you started but its programming simplicity makes creating new sounds and learning about synthesis addictive and exciting. Capable of everything from raw vintage tones to futuristic sound design, Strobe2 is perfect for all kinds of music from classic to modern and beyond. - Sound design at light speed Strobe2's programming simplicity makes sound-creation addictive and rewarding. It features streamlined but versatile modulators, a filter with 22 modes and a single oscillator capable of producing many multi-osc sounds without the interface complexity. In fact, its combination of simplicity and synthesis depth means that it's used for learning and teaching synthesis in many educational institutions. - Deep synthesis Strobe2's single 'super-oscillator' features multiple waveform faders, noise generator and hard-sync. Adding to its sonic flexibility are phase-reset, key-tracking tone controls and an enhanced sub osc with a wider range and waveshaping circuit. The sub can now also be unlinked from the unique stacking and detuning function for a solid foundation beneath a wildly detuned or chord-like main oscillator sound. Strobe2's filter includes 22 varied responses and now includes gain-compensated drive for easy access to incredibly varied tones. - Advanced but intuitive TransMod modulation Strobe2's TransMod modulation system lets you draw modulation directly on controls for a more intuitive sound design experience than that of a traditional 'mod matrix'. A huge variety of polyphonic and mono modulation sources can be used including voice and unison modulation which goes light years beyond simple detuning. Strobe2 includes double the number of modulation slots, the new Euclid processor for complex and chaotic effects, curve processors for reshaping sources and real-time modulation animation on the futuristic vector-drawn interface. - New features As well as the brand new scalable interface, revamped arpeggiator and 6-block effects section with TransMod modulation, Strobe2 introduces oscillator phase reset and constant-beat detuning for precision basslines, preset morphing, randomizing, a clock-divided 'sub LFO', loopable ramp generator and support for microtonal Scala TUN files and controllers with Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (including ROLI Seaboard and RL Linnstrument).




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Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
  • MAC: Mac OSX 10.5.8 eller senare 
  • PC: Windows 7 eller senare
  • Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM (4GB recommended)



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