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Unika instrument uppfunna och konstruerade av Ferdinand Foersch, version 2

With your KLANGHAUS virtual instrument you have access to a collection of unique instruments, invented and constructed by Ferdinand Foersch. We recorded these instruments with best care and attention and then spent hundreds of hours to map them according to Ferdinand Foersch´s ideas and visions. The result is a new instrument with lots of surprising sounds, divided in different categories. All rhythmical sequences are midi based and therefore adjust seamlessly to your sequencers speed. Also the midi input for the rhythmical sequences is quantized to “the next beat” for additional timing accuracy. Whenever possible and useful we grouped instruments together, to allow you to “key-switch” between different playing techniques. Be curious and play around, take your time and let the sounds evolve. Also dont forget to check out the bonus section for our exemplary and inspiring construction kits. As a musician, composer and artist, the producer Ferdinand Försch has been inventing and constructing new musical instruments, sound sculptures and installations since 1982.. So far, he has developed over a hundred musical instruments (metal drums, string instruments and combinations, sound images, drum- and sound walls and sound machines), building them from a wide range of materials right up to scrap. These instruments have been presented in concerts, performances and exhibitions all over the world (The Kitchen, N.Y.C., Shanghai Arts Festival, West Africa, numerous European festivals etc.). A central inspiration in his research and work is the relationship between the acoustic and the visual, between sound and form, hearing and seeing. Through creatively engaging in this interplay, an inherent unity in diversity is developed. All the sounds you can hear and work with in the KLANGHAUS library come from an original and unique source. In 1997 he founded the ‘KLANGHAUS‘ in Hamburg, Germany, as an experimental forum for concerts, exhibitions and interdisciplinary performances. After 30 years of building musical instruments he has decided to open the doors further and pass on his sound work as a virtual instrument resulting in the KLANGHAUS Library powered by the Best Service “Engine” sampler!




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Värdprogram Engine 2 (medföljer)
Hårdvarunyckel krävs Nej
Storlek på nedladdning
1,21 GB
Systemkrav PC
 • Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit) 
 • Intel Mac 2GHz
 • min. 2GB Ram
Systemkrav MAC
 • OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
 • Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0GHz
 • min. 2GB Ram

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